HOPE #oneword2016

I have seen (and will probably see many more) tweets and blog posts from my Twitterverse about #oneword2016. It didn’t take long for me to realize that this year my #oneword must be HOPE. Hope that includes you and me. The world needs hope: hope for our children and Mother Earth. I have set on a new course in my life; leaving my classroom has been a big transition for me and my new road has, as yet, not been defined. I am learning to live with the uncertainty of that, not readily, with some discomfort, but with the fortitude that often defines who I am. (A #oneword from the past.) If I as an adult, at times, find the unknown and transitions filled with worry and angst, what must our students feel when their lives collide with a world that they cannot control. Sometimes I sit glued to the news reading about the upheveal abroad and at home. I wonder what will be? But this I know, in any way big or small, we can make a difference, otherwise where would “hope” be? We encourage our students to try, not worry about mistakes, find their passions and “go for it.” How can we not ask that of ourselves. That hope makes a difference can be a call to action. What will you chose for your #oneword2016? How will it  impact what you do in your school and community?

image      image

Irving Amen woodcuts.

Many Children Dwell In My Father’s House. In My Father’s House There Are Many Mansions


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6 Responses to HOPE #oneword2016

  1. Dana Murphy says:

    Hope is a beautiful OLW. I’m sure it will lead you to a beautiful 2016.

  2. Kathleen Neagle Sokolowski says:

    I love your OLW. When I was in college, I was part of Campus Ministries and we were called HOPE (the OP was for the Dominican sisters). We even had a house on campus for a while that was our “HOPE House.” It’s such a powerful word. Thank you for sharing your post!

  3. That’s a beautiful word, Faige! In order to live a full life and take risks, we must have hope that things will work out.

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