No Regrets

A quick post before the New Year  rolls in. I thought about a post @pernilleripp wrote  Do  Something and as I read it what came to mind is not living a life of regrets. When one gets mired in regrets moving on and forward is stymied. Maybe that little voice inside reminds me to think before I act or I am frozen in my tracks. But I won’t get bogged down with regrets and I hope you don’t either. If you can change what is beating you up, then go for it, but when that second chance is not possible, see how you can move on. My mind is a whirl as I sit here saying good by to 2015 and I know that there are more chances for me to be the best me I can be in 2016. The what might have been  is a terrible burden to bear, whether in one’s personal or professional life. When I would sit in the classroom after Winter Break I would so look forward to my time with my kinders. Their smiles and hugs let me know that we were all ready for new beginnings. So my wish and thoughts for all the hard working teachers out there, “What can you do to be there for your students? Help them be the best that they can be, as you are the role models they can emulate.”

Looking forward to a Happy New Year in 2016.



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