OLW2019 Connecting/Connect/Connections

It’s December 29, 2018. My nephews’ birthday. One is 21 today. The other is 22 years old today. Both born on the same day. A wonderful family story we use to tease them. It is one of our many family stories. Similar to stories you may share with your families. It’s a different birthday celebration. In the past we’ve had early morning birthday treats with my nephews and my grandkids. Today it’s different, but we connect to let “the boys” (as I usually refer to them), know how much they mean to us. No crazy birthday sweets, but many sweet birthday wishes.

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And how quickly I segue into my #onelittleword2019 ! Connecting/connect/connections that’s my focus this coming year. I retired in June 2015 and wasn’t ready to “leave” quite yet, so subbing was the perfect fit for me. How fortunate to be able to work with teachers that continue to inspire me, open my eyes and ears to what’s happening in their classrooms, connecting to how their practices play out in their rooms. I connect with many teachers on Twitter, as they share their learning with us in their PLN. The connections I’ve made with teachers, administrators, authors and blog writers have made me more cognizant of the greater world of teaching: teachers, students, and the many school systems in the different parts of the world. Their visions and real life challenges have given me more insight as I reflect on the diverse challenges teachers’ face. More than the challenges, I am moved by their commitment to their students as they make the best out of the obstacles they may encounter. Before retiring I would have written this post from the “we” perspective. Not wanting to assume that my position is the same as those who work with children/students from EC programs to high schools and beyond, on a daily basis, I reflect from this perspective.

As so I find that because of you, the colleagues I work with when I sub, and you my PLN, who are more than willing to share your expertise with me, I embrace the importance generated by connecting, to do what I have loved for so many years: teaching and learning. And I hope to pay it forward when I work in a classroom as I connect with all those I meet. These connections are ones that I look forward to maintaining, to better serve the teachers, students, administrators and families in any way I can. Here I continue looking forward to 2019 as we Connect!

A trip to my local library and the incredible view reminded me of the many voices I have connected with who support reading and libraries. Find your passion and connect with those who can support and encourage your journey. Happy New Year 2019!

From the West Hollywood Library: The Pacific Design Center

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6 Responses to OLW2019 Connecting/Connect/Connections

  1. adunsiger says:

    What a great word, Faige! I would love to hear about how some of these connections continue to change you as an educator as the year progresses.

    All the best in 2019!

    • faige says:

      Will share. It’s been an amazing journey, this one of retirement and subbing. The connections I’ve made here in my Twitterverse impact my interactions with not only students, but with teachers, administrators and parents.

  2. Connecting, albeit virtually, is what fuels many of us. I’m thankful we’ve connected and that you’re part of my PLN, Feige.

    May 2019 be a good year for you!

  3. Joy Kirr says:

    That is a gorgeous library! Thanks for sharing why you chose this word, Faige – sometimes I shut down and curl up and don’t want to connect with anyone, but I have to realize it’s my connections that can pull me through those times, as well. Here’s to connecting still in 2019!!

    • faige says:

      Yes to Connecting and staying Connected. Not ready to say that’s it and hang up that hat, yet. You have so much to offer those those that connect with you!

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