That’s What We Do

I guess I’m feeling the disequilibrium, the yo-yo of subbing, not subbing days. Not sure why more today then others. Could be my four week subbing gig (read here)  felt so good, so needed, so much accomplished and so much of my identity as “teacher” for so long. Next week school is over at “my” school. There are no summer transition programs; heavy duty construction will be happening on campus. And I have my family coming to spend the summer with me. I am truly grateful and excited. My grandkids will keep me busy!

So I sit here thinking and reflecting, about school and teaching, of course. After reading posts, from bloggers I follow, I thought I’d write about my musings. A letter to my teacher friends.

Dear Teachers,

You are awesome (maybe it’s we are awesome). Our charge, our mission weighs heavily on our shoulders. (I have written here and here)We wear many hats. Ours is not a 9 to 5 (8 to 4 or close to it) job! We don’t turn off the lights, close our doors and shut off what happened at “work.” We go home and mull over our day. On good days we smile, reflecting on what was accomplished, the highlights that make as go back the next day, with joy. And, then there are those days we’re at home wondering how we’ll go back tomorrow, but we do. No we can’t do everything, be everywhere, be some super human hero, but we are charged, I feel, to advocate for our students. We advocate what seems right, to us, to do for our students, we often butt heads, but that’s who we are, that’s what we do. We know that if one person can make a difference in one life how proud we can be if that’s part of our legacy; when that student comes back and shares that with us, “You changed my life.” So here it is summer, time to recharge in any way that is works for us. We decide because that’s who we are! Decision makers, change makers, risk takers, thinkers and doers!  Whether we vegetate on the couch (read books, watch TV (catch up on all those shows your friends have been raving about), go for glorious walks to stop and smell the roses, travel or visit with family and friends it’s up to us. And if PD is part of summer, then it is and we find time for us. The options are endless, limited only by our imagination. Because we are teachers and that’s what we do.  

A gift from a former kindergarten student who keeps in touch and shares her passion as a writer with me.I’m not done yet. Two graduations coming up next week: kindergarten and 6th grade. I’ve subbed in kinder and have seen them grow.  These 6th graders were still part of my kindergarten tenure.

Wishing you a summer that recharges and energies you! What are some of your plans as the school year winds down?

Don’t forget to stop and smell the roses! We want to give our kids the gift of time, let’s grab some for ourselves.

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4 Responses to That’s What We Do

  1. ervib2 says:

    Faige- another incredibly honest and wonderful piece of writing. You put such amazing words into such beautiful and insightful thoughts.

  2. Joy Kirr says:

    Faige, thank you for sharing and reminding us that whatever we do over the summer should be enough. We can only do so much, and I, for one, will try to find some sort of balance! Enjoy the graduations and your grandkids!!

  3. cvarsalona says:

    Faige, thank you for reflecting and passing on your good wishes for a summer of recharging and energizing. Love the rose. Let its smell and loveliness lead you to create a digital inspiration for my spring gallery (invitation at

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