Thoughts From The Sub

Here it is, almost March. The school year will be ending for many in late May or June. I’ve had a wonderful busy year of subbing and still more to go. From toddlers to 2nd grade I continue to learn, reflect and share. My PLN inspires, chats remind me that differences push my thinking, and my face to face colleagues show me what it looks like with students in their rooms. 

We can’t go back. At times I leave a chat wondering how we got here and not always in a good way. How much energy, how much subterfuge (drastic word, but why not!) to do what we must, behind closed doors. Some schools have left behind the DAP that as educators, we know is the right way to go. Somehow we have fallen down the rabbit hole as we spend so much time testing in kindergarten as well as lower elementary grades; from literacy and math programs to social-emotional learning (a quick Google SEL to find out more) to PE. We’re in such a hurray, so much pushing to accelerate, to get to the next stage. What happens to the here and now when our students’ lives are navigated by “let’s get to what’s next“ (from the archives).

We could say we don’t know. But we can see it in kids’ faces, in their struggles and in their fears of “being wrong.” We see it when there’s less joy and laughter. We know we can’t go back. We do know we can do better. We do know we can speak up. We do know it’s not the easy path. We know because as teachers we question and wonder, just as we encourage our students to question and wonder. And then we find ways to “push” to make the changes that adapt to what’s expected of us; working within the curriculum parameters, as we embrace what brought us here, to be teachers. 

This is next to the Lower Elementary Science room. Yes we’re here because of our students.

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