Here With Kids

I am back home from a wonderful three weeks in Israel, visiting with my grandkids and other family members. It was so hard to say good bye, it always is, even when they lived so much closer in Dallas. But I’m grateful for the modern conveniences of video phone calls. Did I say conveniences, my mistake, my life line for now!

I came home to my routine which helped me settle into the rhythm of my day. The horror of the antisemitism and killing of Jews in Pittsburgh still weighs heavily on me. Glued as I am to the news, whether the elections, the hate in this world and never far off my radar, kids and teaching, I have lots to mull over.

But this post veers to my excitement that I have so many substitute teaching days already booked. I will wear many teacher “hats” as I work as a librarian, an early childhood teacher with 3s and 4s and then as a 1st and 2nd Grade teacher. And I’m ready to be here. Here with kids is where my hope is empowered. Here with kids is where I’ve found joy, laughter and immeasurable wonder. Here with kids that I know will challenge me, engage me and teach me. Here with kids I have words, I have books, I have dreams I can share. Here with kids I get to listen and I get to learn!

Never from from Twitter chats and the wise words from many in my PLN I know there is so much to question and we do it because we care.

With so much turmoil in our everyday lives how do you approach what’s happening with your students?


Wise words from first grade: 

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