It’s All About Balance

Let’s talk about balance. The reality check about balance is that it’s different for everyone! And the annoying part, once you think you’ve find that “magic” formula, “Ta Dah” it changes over and over again. Then all those pundits who say you should do this, you should do that, don’t live in my world and don’t know me. Traveling my road I discovered what works for me now and recognizing it will change again. What stress we put on ourselves trying to be like “others!” Understanding others is so important, but understanding yourself, is immeasurable.

It’s like teaching and learning, barely does that cookie cutter turn out those cookies the way you expected. We’re sold a bill of goods telling us “follow the program step by step” and you’re guaranteed success. Not true and at what cost! Know your people folks, know your audience, the balance here starts with you and them, not the program. And each year it changes. The hard part of teaching occurs when that program, that formula comes first; your students need you to know them, build relationships and be their guide as they travel the curriculum in your class. I’ll preach it, “Teach from your heart, the brain will catch up.”

I write this far from home, visiting family and friends, seeing both familiar and unfamiliar sites as I travel in Israel. A trip that focuses on balance. Not designed, unexpected but an accommodation that’s working for all of us (I hope). As my grandkids go off to school each morning (as well as their parents), I wait for them at home. In the early afternoon we (my daughter, son-in-law, my son and I) go off on an adventure close by. Then in the early evening we’re all together till bedtime. We’ve (my son and I) had days away visiting other family, seeing more of the country and getting a better perspective of life here.

A quiet neighborhood  

A reflective quiet morning, time to write because the words in my mind need a passage way. In a week we’ll be on our way home. The balance there will be so different. I’ve retired and I’m so grateful that I continue to sub at my school; dates to sub already on my calendar. First a week to readjust and take care of stuff. Friends will ask, “Don’t you need more time to rest before you start working?” Me, “It’s all good, I figured out how to balance it, for now.”


Caesarea                                                                                         Rosh Hanikra


Baha’i Temple                                                                         Bet Guvrin-Maresha (caves)

How do you look at balance in your life? Does it continue to change?

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2 Responses to It’s All About Balance

  1. Rita Wirtz says:

    How could I not love this? I am aiming for balance as my mark. Thanks!

  2. ervib2 says:

    Another incredible piece of writing Faige- I really enjoyed reading this.

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