A Rainy Day Insight

View from the Javits Center

My week in New York is a lot different this time, from last year. True I’m here because my son is in the New York NOW show at the Javits Center. Last year I came, I saw, I conquered. I hadn’t been here in almost 18 years! It was all about me exploring and enjoying all the Big Apple has to offer. No obligations, no work entailed, really, all about me. This year I’m my son’s assistant, so to speak. I helped him set up his booth, was a sounding board for some questions and decisions. And mornings were with him at his booth. Afternoons were for exploring on my own. Excursions in the rain are just not my thing, so taxis and Uber’s took me from here to there, which led me to unexpected adventures and will get me to why I’m writing this post.

“My misadventure. I took a “bootleg” cab ( I was clueless) from the Javits Center to what I thought was the MET. (Apparently there are such cabs outside of the Javits. I saw many when David and I left for the evening.) Told the “cabby” I wanted to go to the Met. No clue what he thought I said, but ended up at the “Natural History Museum” When I went out of the cab just saw many steps going up to a museum. It was raining and I had to walk to the end of a long line. After 35 minutes went inside and saw two big dinosaur replicas. Guess what, I knew I WASN’T IN KANSAS ANYMORE! Took a “real” cab to the MET, stood in line another 20 minutes and “ta-dah” I saw STUFF.”


I was exhausted when I returned by “real” cab to the Javits Center but quickly reflected and thought of our students and their unexpected adventures. The unfamiliar is just plain not easy! Why does it take so long for us to understand this.

Some days just work and click for our students! We have our lessons planned. We know what’s on the agenda. We talk, we share, we discuss, we teach; they understand and they learn. Well maybe and then we go on. But more often then not there are missteps, bumps on the road and wrong turns. It’s really all about how we face those times, wherever we are in our continuum of learning and life. Do we give in? Do we give up? (At one point I thought maybe I’d forget about the museum and head back. Was it worth it to get stressed out and what was the payoff? It was.)

If you didn’t know about me and rain, you’d say what’s the big deal. If didn’t know that I could be challenged just so much, you’d say what’s the big deal. If you didn’t know I had different responsibilities this trip, you’d say what’s the big deal? You need to know me, to know about me.

We need to know our students, where they’ve been, where they are and where they’d like to be going. Let’s make a plan. Not about the curriculum to be covered, we know about that. Let’s make a plan to get to know our students, their families and let’s plan to work together. Let’s build those relationships that show we care. We will get to the curriculum. We will face the unfamiliar together. It’s who we are. It’s who they need.

I have a plan. I will be subbing again this year. My dream job at this time in my career. As the school year starts, what will your plan look like?

Book vendors at the Javits Center

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