What Kids Tell Us As The Year Closes

I’ve written before on my blog about speaking to the choir on Twitter, when we share our reflections, our hopes and dreams and our concerns. And this post is no different. However I still think that if one person likes the post or RTs it, maybe, somewhere in our Twitterverse, a new believer will appear. Or at least someone who might be more reflective in his or her practice.

I had a busy sub week, spending most of my days in first grade. I was awed by what I saw from these almost second graders!

We always wonder if they’re learning, if we’re doing a good job, if were covering the curriculum and if they’ll be ready for the next grade? We test, we do running records, we talk, we ask questions and we write report cards. But I have another idea!  How about we also watch the kids, we listen to them as they’re doing the learning. We see how they incorporate what we’ve taught in their authentic application of the learning as they write graphic novels; how they laugh gleefully reading to each other, discovering something in the story that was new to them; how they figure out how to cut paper to make pop ups (there’s math there folks,) and how eager they are to share with their teachers all that and more!

We don’t need to limit our focus to running records, prescribed writing assignments and tests to discover what they can or cannot do. We need to be that teacher that looks beyond that limited understanding, to see the kids who have been here on this year’s learning journey with us.

It may be a leap of faith, it may be seem risky, it may be a new mindset, and a new way to look at learning for us. Are we ready to make that change.

These students were self-motivated, self directed to read, write and explore what they could create from books, to pop-ups, to paper nails; their own idea of Geniushour. We’re way beyond tests!

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