Still Time For Change

Wow, the year is winding down. It’s gone so fast. Does it seem to you, as you grow older, the years just fly by? It does to me! I have a feeling that to our students it might feel different; endless days, comes to mind. I subbed in three different age/grade levels this week. For many children (especially the younger ones) it was business as usual. They came to school and did their thing. For the older students, spring was definitely in the air and to them that meant summer was just around the corner. The energy in all the classes was noticeable, but for different reasons. Our interactions, our play, our learning reminded me that the work wasn’t done, but maybe, just maybe our approach needed some tweaking; less sitting, more movement; less sage on the stage, more guide on the side; less text books/paper work, more student centered/choice activities; less hurry and more time to smell the roses.

Which brings me to what’s been percolating in my mind. I have a very old, scraggly rose bush that still has the most beautiful fragrant flowers when it blooms. When not in bloom it’s really nothing to look at, thorns aplenty, bent over branches and a sorry sight. And every once in awhile I think I should just pull it out. So do I discard it because it’s not what I expect? But then I remember the memories connected to it; I remember the fragrance when it blooms and how happy that makes me feel. And with certainty I understand that there is value, there is worth and merit in keeping it. I look at the potential beyond what I see. I look at what can be done to bring out its beauty. 

And so I come to our kids, our school, our education. It’s not perfect. We all know that and perfect is not the expectation, but stepping in and making change is what we can do. The potential to bloom is in each of us in this continuum we call life. In the time we have till school ends, what’s our course of action? Can we be risk takers so they can take risks? Can we let go and give sail to the wind, so to speak, as we let our students have some time to steer their ships? What memories will they have of their year with us. Will it have value, will it have worth, will it have merit and will there have been joy? Our actions in these last few week will answer these questions.


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