Giddy With Excitement

I’m giddy with excitement,

You may ask me why?

It’s been three weeks since I said Hi.

Hi to the EC kids, I’m sure they’ve grown,

Not only in size, but in what they know!

It’s been three long weeks since I said Hi,

To the kinders whose journey will take a new turn,

Upstairs to be firsties, I’ll see them soar.

It’s been three long weeks since I said Hi,

To the first and second graders who will ask me why?

It’s been three long weeks since I said Hi,

Travel, time to reflect and a new development on the horizon.

Change is good they say, and it may be, but still new territory to tread.

Then I’m called. I sign in on the sub sheet.

And I’m at home.

I’m giddy with excitement.

For many the year is winding down and it will for me as well. I have some sub dates on my calendar and look forward to different events planned at the school I’ve tauhgt at for so many years! I’ve read many posts about the end of the school year and using the time wisely; time for choice, independent writing and reading activities, self-directed learning, PBL and Geniushour  as we remember our students’ excitement inherent in this time of year? Kids deserve that we’re right there with them and for them until that final bell rings. What are your thoughts? What are your plans?

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2 Responses to Giddy With Excitement

  1. Kathy Thomas says:

    I just found your blog and feel like I am connecting with an old friend. I too, am newly retired or taking a break from the classroom. I too, am navigating this major shift and change in my life. I too, miss the learning, excitement and comraderie of being a teacher. Reading your blog has helped me realize that subbing
    next fall will help me transition, find joy in classrooms, and marvel at the wonder of being a little one. My goal is in finding purpose and refueling my passion. Thanks so much!

    • faige says:

      I am so touched by your comments. Change is hard and many don’t realize the adjust is challenging for some. I’ve know for forever I wanted to teach so Subbing after teaching for 38 years is “such a perfect fit for me!” I hope you find that “purpose and refueling your passion” you seek.

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