I Am Driven

I’ve been subbing as often as I can and I LOVE IT! Good fortune smiles down on me as I connect, learn and share. Sub pay is ok but, isn’t great. Somewhere along the way I realized that, but it doesn’t matter. I know that I do what I do because I have to. I am driven.

I am driven to make a difference.

I am driven to be there.

I am driven to learn.

I am driven to share my voice.

I am driven to rejoice in their joy.

I am driven to focus on “play explorations” as a conduit for learning and not the tests.

I am driven to open the doors to help them find their passions and share mine.

I am driven to let them know I care.

I am driven to shout from the roof tops #youmatter.

I am driven to listen and hear what they say.

I am driven that with all the tomorrows, we start with today.

I am driven to teach!

Are you there with me? What’s your driven?

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