How Do You Get Beyond The Choir?

This question to myself after reading some blogs, “When you preach to the choir, who hears you?” inspired me to write. Rarely are my ideas in isolation; whether influenced by subbing in a classroom, a conversation with colleagues, an a-ha moment, someone’s blog, a tweet or a chat. This one’s no different. After reading @pernilleripp post, I questioned how or if the message goes beyond “the choir?” It is my fervent “I hope so.” Then to me here is where Twitter and Facebook come into play. From a tweet, to a follower’s read, to retweet or a share, the idea would get posted over and over again exponentially (I hope). People with like minded views often discuss and add comments, RT and share. While skeptics, who may disagree or want more information, also RT and share, if nothing else but to question. From a previous post on my blog, I feel it’s so important not to weigh heavily on the bandwagon but to see what works for the kids we teach. There is no easy solution. We share what we read, what we believe, making our views transparent, creating some dissonance for people to ponder and reflect. We make a statement hoping to show what is important to us, what changes we advocate; about a growth mindset, about agency for our students, about learning that allows for student voice and choice, about readers and books,  about a joyful classroom environment, about inclusion, empathy and kindness.

And always the underlying theme, keeping our values and students in the forefront. We are the dreamers, wanting the reality to meld into our dreams.

Have you found yourself questioning comments made on chats, tweets or blog posts you read? Do you feel comfortable sharing your questions, concerns or disagreeing? Have you been influenced to make changes because of these “conversations?”

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