On The Go: Life As A Substitute

It’s been a busy few weeks of subbing and I didn’t realize that I haven’t blogged in a few weeks. So much to share as I reflect again about my time as a substitute teacher. I subbed in kindergarten, for the lower elementary librarian, in 1st grade (in the school I taught at), in 1st grade at the other school and in the 3 year old program. As I said, I’ve been quite busy and I continue to learn so much about me as a teacher and about teaching. Comfortable wearing this new hat, flexibility has become a norm and really listening to what is needed from me gives me agency to find the right path, for that time, in that classroom. A follow up to a 1st grade’s learning about Ruby Bridges gave me the opportunity to share that I met her.

In the EC program with 3 year olds and visiting 4 year olds, we explored with paint what objects moves faster down a plank. Lots of giggles and paint all over. They were vested in making sure what they had moved the fastest. Then they graphed. (Unfortunately no time for pictures.)

A field trip with 1st grader to a local Trader Joe’s and then lunch at a park, reminded me that kids can be cool with change, if you are too!

Whenever I get to participate in a read aloud my day is made.  My day in the library reading to EC class, 1st and kinder reinforced my belief  that listening to their questions and comments  leads to a fascinating discussion. (Guide lines and anchor charts are just that guidelines.)

And then moderating a #geniushour chat, another growing and learning experience. Stepping out of my comfort zone is not easy. But for me at this time in my career, I’m comfortable in my skin and more willing to take risks.

When your days are so busy are you able to take a few moments for youself to relect on how it’s going? Have you found the best way for you to do so? Do you blog, write in a journal or brainstorm with colleagues?

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