BeingPresent #oneword2018

The road we take and the journey along the way, is, at times, not in our control, but what is, is the present. And that’s how I came to my #oneword2018 “BePresent or BeingPresent.”

I think of it often when I’m with family, friends or in a classroom of eager, energetic and curious kids. Their wonder energizes me. It always has and when the road was rough those kids kept me grounded with hope and love.

Now whether I sub in a classroom of toddlers, 3s, 4s, kinders, 1st or 2nd graders, I look at where they are and what I can do to support their learning and what they need. A wait and see attitude has held me in good stead, along with a smile and BeingPresent. And I listen. Learning not to jump in, has taken awhile, but I’ve seen students problem solve academic or social issues; giving them agency to be competent, self-sufficient and resilient.

And now BeingPresent feels a little different, but in many ways for me, more imperative. I continue to look at building relationships, since I will often sub in the same classrooms; lucky to be part of these students’ school experience, seeing them grow from year to year. The time I spend in a classroom as a sub means every moment of being present is a moment that I can get to know the students a little better, learn about them and be there for them as they go along their roads.

Have you thought of your #oneword2018? Is it evolving, changing or continuing from years’ past?

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3 Responses to BeingPresent #oneword2018

  1. Matt Renwick says:

    Faige, I appreciate the thoughtfulness you bring to your classrooms. I am sure your students and teachers do too.

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