Do We Just Question Or Do We Make Changes?

This is the week I help out in my school with childcare for “faculty and staff children” as everyone is getting ready for students the day after Labor Day. I am one of the substitute teachers, a role that I am now quite comfortable embracing.

After reading teacher Facebook comments and tweets I started thinking about these discussions and had some of my own reflections. How many of us beat ourselves up for having done things a certain way and now have regrets after learning about other methods or ideas? How many of us wish our rooms were designed like those we see now? How many of us wish our schedule, our routines and our classroom management skills were more in line with what we read now? How many of us look at our curriculum and question how we approach teaching math, reading and writing? How many of us look at play and are amazed at its scarcity in children’s school lives? How many of us read about all those innovative practices and ideas and question how it’s possible to do it all? How many of us would have liked to have done it differently? How many of ask “Was it so wrong, what we did?  Did it do harm?” How many of us become defensive because we wish we knew then what we know now? How many us wonder? And then again how many of  us, don’t?

If we stay put and don’t look around and see what will work best for our students and make changes, then the problems are perpetuated. We can be part of the problem or advance the solution. Putting it out there, what do we want to see when we look back at our role in education?

Top graphic thanks to @woodard_julie. Bottom graphic thanks to @sylviaduckworth

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