Summer Down Time, Maybe?


Apparently this will be my 200th post!  A relatively new comer to this blogging world; but a place I am becoming more and more confident in holding my own!

In a busy summer with my family, enjoying time with my daughter and grandkids, who live in another state, I am still drawn to reading blogs and learning with my incredible PLN. I continue to participate in chats (though limited) and I joined a FB Kindergarten group (a first for me) to share questions, concerns and ideas these educators mull over even on summer break!

As I read blogs and posts related to education. I sit back and realize that although I am now retired (but I sub), I am still so interested in what’s happening in a field that filled my life for so many years. I reflect about how I did this  or I wish I knew more about this .

I have lived vicariously through some great vacations my friends have posted on FB, serving as great reminders of places I’ve been and those on my bucket list. I have listened to the angst and concerns of both sides on the divided aisle of our government, and to the turmoil in many places in our world. I have made comments, asked questions and wonder;  not for me, but for my grandkids, “What is it that we want for them and how do we get there?” I’m not sure, but silence leads to acquiescence and I come back to this quote from

Eli Wiesel. 

I recently read this post from @donalynbooks education/politics and it brings the challenge to share the broader picture of what we do as educators. We look at voice/choice for our students and we need to embrace that too, for us!

My musings today. Hope that summer re-energizes. Think we’re in for a bumpy ride. Wondering about your summer as we’re half way done?

Outside my front door, twilight skies remind me to absorb the goodness around me. 

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