Summer Has Arrived

I said good bye to “my kids” this week. Teary-eyed (me) I knew that next year will be a big step for them. My school (I say that even though I have retired and subbing has fulfilled my need to continue teaching) is under construction and when they come back in September there will be many changes. But they are resilient and the faculty, staff and administration are more then capable to welcome them back to an environment that has always been exemplary in knowing how to take care of kids; physical, social, emotional and academic well being. Toddler hugs, 3s’ smiles, 4s’ good wishes, kinders’ thanks, 1sts’and 2nds’ joyful waves, greeted me this past week. And then the parents sharing with me my impact on the lives of their children now moving on. It has been a very good week. Yesterday the school said good bye to retirees and teachers moving on. (I was so grateful that I could be there for this special event.) The love and memories shared left no dry eye in the room. This is a community that has opened its door and hearts to so many. Looking back at last summer, I reflect on the changes in me as I start this summer. I have found a rhythm to my life that suits me; as I balanced subbing and time with my family. My daughter and grandkids are on their way. My son will also enjoy spending time with them, and, I, well I’m adjusting to my new normal. Life as a widow has been eased because of the support of family and friends. I am lucky, I am resilient.

So good byes though hard reminds us that nothing stays the same. But knowing that tomorrow brings new wonder, different adventures and time to take stock of what we have.

For some summer is PD, coursework, workshops and reading books (professional and joyful escapism), or vacations that are long awaited!  So I hope summer rejuvenates, reenergizes and gives us time to enjoy what’s on our bucket list.

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