EOY (A Sub’s Reflections: Past and Present)

It’s almost done.

It’s almost over.

The time has flown and the children have grown.

The year began with questions and tears.

The end is near, again questions and tears.

They came in the room new to me, and me to them.

So much to do, so much to learn.

They came in wondering, how will I succeed if I don’t know?

And me, I too wondered, will I succeed, I have so much to learn. Who are you and what should I know?  What do you like; at school and at home? How do I help you say good bye to the mom or dad or special friend who leads by the hand into the room? Do you love to build sand castles that reach to the sky or climb the structure and cry, “Look how high I can be?” Is reading fun, or is it a chore? When you write, are you excited to learn and do so more? Are those numbers confusing, or do those symbols give you a clue? Whether in books, on the iPad or TV shows what do you want to know about the world to explore?

And when I see you I’m ready to share about me what you might want to know. And together we learned and the time flew by, some days sad, but mostly glad.

And now you want to know, about what’s next? How will it be for me and my friends? Will the teacher like me, know who I am? Know that I’m a runner, an artist a clown? Will the work overwhelm and make me worry or am I ready to move on, as you’ve told me I am?

It’s almost done, the good-byes are hard. You taught me so much about who I am and I thank you for that! It’s almost over, it’s time to move on, but I’ll remember the year we had.


A year of subbing (or as a #kinderchat friend shared that substitute teachers are called “guest teacher” in her district) is almost over. It’s been a wonderous year of working with incredible educators and students who continue to inspire and awe. This post is written as a tribute to them as I share my memories and reflections of the beginnings and endings of the year as a classroom teacher. And for me similar feelings I have as their “guest teacher” in the Toddler, 3 and 4 year old programs, kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grades.

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