“Those People” 

I’ve watched bits and pieces of the inauguration, most after the fact. I watched the Women’s March on Washington and Los Angeles, cities and countries throughout the world, throughout the day. And through all of this and leading up to this, I keep going back to the idea of “those people/you people.”  This was a phrase I grew up to abhor, a phrase that my parents taught me put Jews in gas chambers and a phrase that now makes the hair on my body stand up, bristle as I shout, “There are no those people!” It’s got to be We The People, however naive you might think I am.

I sat in a classroom of children for 38 years and those kids were always my kids. Those parents were always my parents and their lives were in so many ways interwoven with mine. How could we ever look at students as not a part of the fabric of  our lives; that it is our responsibility to first do no harm and most of all show them that we care.

I won’t be going into a classroom tomorrow (unless I am called to sub), but many of you are and my hope is that we can all remember that our students read more than books, they read the unspoken words of adults and with unbelievable clarity our body language.  Let them know we are right there next to them, ready to listen.

I saw this on FB and I hope I have attributed rightfully to the person who made it.


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