OLW2017 CompassionCaringHope

Education bloggers often begin their New Year with reflections, looking forward, to find the #onelittleword that will propel their vision for the coming year, where they want to go; for themselves and their students. In the past few years I have enjoyed this process; so much better then New Year’s Resolutions that are often forgotten as soon as they are spoken! I now look at finding my inspirational word, not as a classroom teacher, but as an educator that subs and shares my reflections, thoughts and ideas on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook and on my blog.

I gave myself permission to combine #CompassionCaringHope as my #olw2017. By coincidence I’m writing this post today, January 3, 2017 the anniversary of my father’s passing in January 3, 1957. Compassion, caring and hope were my pillars as I faced this devastating loss, for a young child. But this post is not about loss as I look forward to more opportunities to learn and share.

When I am a substitute teacher in the various classrooms my want to hold onto #CompassionCaringHope as I interact with the students, teachers and parents. I am in the classroom for short periods of time. I try to build relationships through:

a) Compassion, as I acknowledge the students’ hesitation or fears with time to discover their learning at their own pace.

b) Caring, as I show vulnerability doesn’t diminish who they are.

c) Hope, that our time together is joyful, filled with collaborative work that instill wonder and questions.

As teachers we have the best interest of our students on our minds, and I’m sure for the most part we do, but then the heavy load of  “standards/curriculum” surface and we are drawn into this vortex of accountability. My caveat for my #olw is to be intentional about CampassionCaringHope and have it be the driver of my school bus throughout the year.

What is your #olw2017? Have you do you feel about this process as you head back to  school after Winter Break?


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3 Responses to OLW2017 CompassionCaringHope

  1. cvarsalona says:

    Faige, what a clever way of holding onto a OLW-combining words. This combo is meaningful and will guide your journey as you continue your time as an educator interacting with children. I agree with the approach to use a OLW instead of a resolution for our word pops up throughout the year as a reminder of our commitment. If you would like to link up your word with the #SpiritualJourneyThursday group please do so on Thursday. You can join me at my blog site. I will have a link-up gadget.

    • faige says:

      Thank you Carol. I look at compassion and caring as it connects to hope. When we look at children through that lens, I feel hope is a well traveled road. I will try to catch your #spiritualjourneyThursday group. Wishing you a great New Year.

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