Teaching Also A Craft

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve put pencil to paper to share my thinking. Not that I haven’t been “thinking” and reflecting but time rushes by as I visit my grandkids and continue to sub, having an opportunity to hone in my craft. For in many ways teaching is craft. Hopefully we look, listen and  try and continue to look, listen and try. In the past few months I have spent time in the Toddler program, with EC1 (the 3/4 year olds), kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade.

I marvel at the fearless climbers, the zooming drivers easily circumventing peers and pillars on the yard. I watch the builders learning that a friend has a good idea and the friend also kisses a boo-boo. I look at the ease of children approaching the sub to share an observation, ask for help and sit down side by side listening to the teacher read a cherished book. I sit with the student who lets me know when she wants to work on her math independently. I canvas the room, watch the students, ready with eye contact for the reserved child who isn’t sure if I’m the right one to guide her during writing workshop. I am overjoyed that I get to share my passion for Genius Hour with the 1st graders. Their eyes wide open waiting to collaborate or work independently, knowing they are empowered to “chase” and engage in their interests.

I listen for sounds of joy, wanting to share in the revelries, for sounds of distress, waiting to see if I am needed and I listen to my inner voice saying, “I’m not ready to give this up yet.”

Wherever you are in the continuum of your teaching, I hope the learning is always part of it. Often times it may become overly stressful. However that village is right there waiting for you to reach out. In those situations who and what are your go to places and people?


GeniusHour in a 1st grade classroom. Students share their results with the class.

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