More Often Than Not

I’ve been busy these past two weeks celebrating life as a grandmother (Bubbie) to my three delightful, high-energy and curious grandchildren. It was Sydney’s Bat Mitzvah  and family and friends near and far came to share the occasion with this remarkable child. She of drama, joy, instant tears and it’s not fair diatribes. She of pathos and learning about the many injustices in the world. She with a heart and brain that questions everything. She will not be easy and her road may not as well. But she who has the backbone and a lineage of resilience, will find her way. I share this because I realize that there are many side trips on the road we travel. I have missed participating in the various chats that broaden my understanding of education and the impact on the children we teach. I have darted in and out of “conversations” asking questions, leaving comments only to go and see what those grandkids were up to. And I have found that we are at a pretty good place with each other. Although at times I maybe the pushover Bubbie, I also question, set boundaries and limits. My grandson wanted to know when I will be leaving and when I’ll be back. When I told him he said, “But that’s such a long time.” We both shared our feelings and when I explained why, he understood for the moment, maybe. My middle grandchild greets me with hugs and kisses. Making time for her is easy but, more often than not, she finds ways to entertain herself. The three are so different and they are siblings in every sense of the word from loving and protective of each other to wanting their own space and “me” time.

Having spent most of my adult life as a teacher the needs of my students have had basic commonalities and were intertwined as they navigated their roles in the classroom. I realize that mistakes made were, more often than not, part of a life-long journey. When I look at teachers and read (in blogs and articles) about interactions with their students I see the importance they have given to building relationships and finding that they’re in a pretty good place with each other, more often than not. I wonder, how about you? Are those relationships a priority?


Her party at the “rope course” team building event: Building relationships, more often then not.

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