My Take On Curriculum

Why am I so attracted to the concept of geniushour, makerspaces, innovation, PBL (Project Based Learning) and the like. I often think about this as I read posts or tweets from teachers about the curriculum and getting ready for school. I guess it’s the concept of one size fit all, often inherent in the norms of education and curriculum “coverage”, even with the push back voiced by many, that has me questioning what’s going on! And that’s my attraction and fascination with alternative ways to engage students and let their interests, their wonders, their passions shine.

When curriculum is the focus, whether you look at it as covering the curriculum or uncovering the curriculum (I’ve seen curriculum, referred to in both ways), then what becomes our main concern; is it kids, or accountability, evaluations (students and teachers) and tests?

If I see covering the curriculum as knowing what needs to be taught, when and how (students’ needs just a by product of the focus) but I look at “uncovering” the curriculum as layers of learning  to be explored by the student and teacher, then could it not follow that uncovering the curriculum would lead to or be lead by geniushour, makerspaces, innovation and Project Based Learning. 

No longer a full time teacher I leave it to you to wonder how you want to spend time in with your students in your classrooms?


Lego creation by my grandson, Xander,  7 1/2 years old, with collaboration from Roger my former teaching partner.

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