Snapchat: From Sydney

A few weeks ago my granddaughter Sydney (almost 12) asked me about Snapchat. I really didn’t have any information to share so I went to Twitter and asked @gcouros about it. He referred me to @ajjulani who had written a post about Snapchat which I looked up. At the same time @ajjulani sent me the links. After reading his post, and getting her parents’permission to join Snapchat, Sydney decided she’d write an essay about Snapchat to share with her teacher. Sydney is the guest author of this post.

Snapchat is an amazing app. It is not like all other social media. The benefits are that one can communicate with friends and family, have fun, and have a safe social media account.

One is not always able to communicate with family that lives far away. Snapchat is a quick and easy way to do so. If one has family or friends out of town, with snapchat one can take a quick picture or video, put a little caption or message on it and send it. On Snapchat, one does not have to send pictures to individuals but one can send the same picture to more than one person privately. It is an amazing way to spend extra time and enjoy every minute.

Snapchat is a great way to have fun. One can chat with friends, take videos, and the, best take selfies. When one takes a selfie, if you press and hold on one’s face, filters will come up. The filters are special effects that give you different faces, hats, facial makeup, etc. On one’s home page on Snapchat, are emojis next to each name. They each stand for something. If one goes to their settings, goes to manage, and finally presses friend emojis, one can find out what they stand for and change them. After 3 days of Snapchatting in a row, a fire emoji (which one can change) will show up. That is called ones “Snap streak”. It will show the amount of days one have Snapchatted to the other person.

Snapchat is the most safe social media account. There is one part of Snapchat that is public. It is called “My Story”. One can post any picture on their story and all people that are following them can see. The fortunate part about “My Story” is every 24 hours, all the pictures are deleted. Otherwise, no one will randomly be able to see any pictures. If one needs to, one can check their settings to make any changes. There are so many changes one can make if wanted.

There are many ways of communication in the world. Snapchat is one of the most fun and safe ways to do so. I believe that Snapchat can be used by anyone of the age 10+ (As long as a parent is notified and knows that their child is getting it, but really one has to be 13+). There are no other social media accounts as amazing as Snapchat.


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