Missing Parts

I wonder who else sits on their front porch and questions what happened to their missing parts? I’m sitting here thinking about what I’ve missed as I’ve focused on”Teacherhood.” Not the parenting or grandparenting, not time with my husband because Teacherhood, for the most part, didn’t take away from them. If nothing else, it added another layer of the me as a mother, grandmother and wife. But as I read the paper checking out fiction on the best seller list and spend a bit more time listening to music and checking out movies I wonder where that part of me has been in the recent past. I know I am multifaceted, opinionated but open to listening. I know I worry about the world we live in and devour  the newspaper trying to see when the world powers will get their act together, but for the most part my big interest has been in Teacherhood.  In some ways there seems to be huge gaps in the development of me. I say this not with regret, because my Teacherhood was such a big and important part of me. But stated with wonderment and bewilderment as I connect my experiences or lack there of with the students I teach/taught.

What is missing for them when we don’t respect and allow for their interests, questions and voice? Do we let them know “#youmatter” or are those words that have become a catch all that assuages our guilt? Will they look back and wonder how these loopholes, fragmenting as they were, stifled or arrested their development? Was that leveled reader more important then the curiosity in their interests and passions, even if just in that moment? What math activity became I’m no good in math? What minutiae in the detailed writing revisions said “I’ll never be a good writer” or when is it good enough ? Do we see the value of #makerspace and #geniushour as an impetus for learning, not only in our toolkit, but as a driving force in our students’ toolkit? When do we see the value in their input so the curriculum supports them?

I wonder who will sit on their front porch and question what happened to their students’ missing parts.

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    Wonderment that deinitely leads to action.

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