Make It Your Own

I’ve been reading many posts about “winding down” which ultimately leads to reflections and questions. And that’s a good thing. I’m going to try to combine two ideas that are interrelated into one post. No longer in the classroom I still reflect, not only on my teaching experience, but what I learn through Twitter chats and blogs; what you share with me and of course when I sub and visit my old school. At this time of year teachers’ tweets, blogs and chats often lead with this question “How will you finish the school year?” I think about the end of the school year and all the “catching up and finishing up” that it entailed. I also remember meetings that brought closure or opened up questions to what next; where do we go from here. Sitting on our laurels never an option but leaning on each other to discuss what worked and the humorous discussions of our foibles let us know that we “had each other’s back” and recognized a job well done. We never forgot why we were here and what are ultimate “mission” was. That being said, I loved sharing what I learned and I was always excited when other teachers delved into the ideas I shared with them. I was so pleased to see that they continue to incorporate some of my teaching practices into their teaching from the “Learning Trail” @clippodcast Vivian Maria Vasquez  to @Geniushour #geniushour  to the WonderWall as we learned with @Wonderopolis @Brainpop and the technology integrated into the curriculum.

And with that I want to say to my colleagues and PLN, be open to suggestions, ideas that come to you in any form and Make It Your Own! Tweak it, modify it, change it, but don’t let uncertainty hold you back. Gone by the wayside is the right way, the one way, the only way. If that holds you back how do you show your students that you’re willing to take a chance.  That it’s not about failing but willing to try till something works for you. I recently read @gcouros post Support Without Interference and I thought of that in terms of making your learning your own. Then your teaching takes on your own passions and when you’re ready you share it with your students and us.


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