Is Ok Good Enough

My mind is going at super speed pace, but then again those who know me well wouldn’t be surprised and would say, “So what else is new?” With love and affection I might add. I am now getting the hang of things, this substitute teacher business. And you know what, I like it! I get to be with kids in a classroom, a place that gives me reason and purpose. And as I go along on my new road of a substitute teacher at two different schools I sit back and reflect not only what was, but what is. And I am OK! And  that’s good enough.  I know for some retirement is an end game, but not for me, and not at this time. It was of course inevitable and for many health issues (my husband’s) it came at the right time. In life there are few do overs, but there are “do differently” and that is such a powerful a message for me. I enter classrooms knowing that I am a guest for the day (or two). I get to watch, interact, engage, learn and teach. I use my knowledge, years of experience and with modesty, my expertise, to support the environment in any way I can. I am looked at, not as a stranger, but a new member of the community, albeit in a different role. Familiar with the culture of my old school, the transition to this role has been smooth and comfortable. In the new school the welcome mat has made a world of a difference as I venture out of my comfort zone. What I have come to realize, more and more, is that teaching is about learning, learning who you are and where you want to go. It’s about learning how life’s circumstance effect people in different ways. It’s beyond being tolerant, for me, it’s about being open and accepting. It’s about taking the learning and then apply it, expand on it, share it and question it. It’s about learning from all the people who I am lucky to engage with, face to face or in social media. It’s about how we can come together and do what’s best for the children in our care. It’s about giving everyone a chance to be. So for now Ok is good enough for me and I’ll see where I can go with it.

Sometimes I wonder when we push our students to do “better” is it ever good enough? I wonder how they feel?

image image

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