150 Posts

Throughout our lives we change and redefine ourselves, finding a path that is comfortable and meets our needs. And as those needs change, so do we. Like a river that meanders in and out of mountains, forests and flat lands, finding its way to the ocean or lakes, so does my journey and I would imagine yours. According to WordPress I have published 150 posts. I’ll take their word, because the purpose of my posts are for reflection and sharing, not the number count. I am often inspired to write by the bloggers I follow (here just mentioning two), @ShiftParadigm (with this Post ) as they reflect on life or share a classroom experience @avivaloca (with this Post ). I am honored to have found a community of bloggers (thankful to my Twitter PLN) who are willing to question and challenge their positions in such an open forum. I listened to a podcast  Interviewing  @gallit_z and a question came up on “vulnerability.” How more open and vulnerable can we be then in writing and sharing our thoughts and ideas! In a world that can mock and ridicule and sets up barriers, I know that vulnerability can be scary, but being too guarded pushes away listening and change. And all these questions, reflections and concerns guide us to consider what we can do to make a difference in the lives of the children we teach (in whatever capacity that might be).


As I look at Stop Ahead sign in the corner of this picture of a night sky, I recently took near my house, I reflect and realize it just lets us know to look and keep going.

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