Taking The Bull By Its Horns

I think it’s time to take the “bull by its horns!” My retirement hasn’t quite worked out the way I planned and I’ve been sitting and waiting for a dream, as I realize that I need to be more in control. Original plan: time with my husband traveling, time with my grandkids, time with family and friends, time to substitute teach and continue being part of a school community that has given me such incredible opportunities and purpose. But it hasn’t quite worked out that way. As I sit and contemplate my next steps, I know I have to advocate for myself (I excel at advocating for others!) and do what I can to move forward. I have started to reach out to other school communities, to engage in conversation about their programs and see how I would/could fit in. With such good fortune, my first interview (they me and me them) resulted in confirmation of a road well taken! I will have more opportunities to visit and engage in dialogue that will be mutually beneficial for both of us. I continue to be available to my former school as I scope out other possibilities. I have time to reflect and think about how I can best serve a school community given my background and interests. (With full transparency I am not looking for full time employment!) This is a first step, admittedly, a huge one for me, since it is the first time in a long, long time I have ventured out of my comfort zone, in this arena: quasi job hunting. As I sit and write this post, I can’t help but think of listening to my inner voice that has served me well in my teaching, professional life and my personal one as well. I think back to so many “firsts” that we all go through and hope that the guiding hands that have supported my forward movement, can be said about me. There are many naysayers out there and I am sure over the years I have contributed to that “party,” but my hope is not to often and with an open mind, to reconsider.

In this post, as well as my others, I go back to the children I have taught. Did I allow enough time for my kinders to ponder, sit and wait? To contemplate, before asking them to make a decision whether in choosing a center, a toy, joining a group of friends, working on their math, choosing a book for their book bag or a topic during Writing Workshop?  Did geniushour provide enough opportunities for trail and error and to absorb their mishaps, failures or accomplishments? Was student voice and choice authentically honored?

No longer in the classroom on a daily basis I ask that you reflect on the questions I pose and add your thoughts and ideas to start our conversation if you’d like.



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