Looking Ahead

Wherever here is for you, it probably has not been easy to get there. But if it’s where you are happy and where it is you want to be, then it’s all been worthwhile; and if not, maybe it’s a respite along the way to where you want to be. One day I would really like to write a light-hearted post, one that could make you and me laugh and smile, however, not this one and not now. But this is not doom and gloom, it’s me sharing how we support each other to find our passions, our interests and act on them. And then taking it one step further, to what we do as educators, in our work with our students as we try to open up the world to them. It is now January 2016 and many are back at school and at their various jobs. The work force I read is getting stronger, the stock market is making everyone involved worried and the world, well the world is a mess. I have been reading so many incredible #olw #oneword2016 posts and the affirmation of positiveness is so hopeful. Words like joy, hope, believe, possibile and love  infuse me with the passion and compassion of educators to their students and themselves. Here is where my heartbeats with a look at a better future. The eternal optimist is so strong in me, I can’t let adversity wear me down. And I see this in the educators who share their craft in blogs and tweets. Foremost in their minds is how to get that spark of wonder and desire to learn ignited in their students. That light that shines bright, is their future. And then I read posts about our schools, the struggles to reach all students to achieve what a few have within their grasp. I think of past leaders, in days gone by, and I wonder if we will see the likes of them again. They had hope, they believed in the possibilities in each of us and they had love. Love for mankind and themselves to reach out in peace and friendship. I think Dr. Martin Luher King, Jr. said it so eloquently.

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