When A Chat Is More Than A Chat

I look forward to my regular chats on Twitter.  It often feels like face to face (f2f) conversations  with friends in the lunch room at school.  When I am lucky enough to stumble upon unexpected chats, I lurk, watch, listen and when I feel comfortable, I join in.  The most exhilarating part of these discussions are the sharing, questioning and learning that takes place. We all learn whether we agree with the tweets or not, because a little door is opened that might question and stretch our thinking. I have been part of many chats that continue to look at the uniqueness of students and their approach to learning. I read about student voice and choice; about Genius Hour, PBL (Proect Based Learning) and how we look at our students as readers and writers, what we ask of them and why. I listen to the anguish in teachers’ voices as their commitment to their students do not often align to what is expected of them in their school districts. The cognitive dissonance is palpable. It is a tough time we live in, on so many levels. But if  anyone questions teachers’ dedication,  hasn’t chatted with them in the early weekend morning hours or late at night. Chats cross all time zones!! I wrote this poem after joining in “TheEdCollabGathering as I felt so grateful to the educators who were out there for all learners, the students in their care.

Step aside

Let me soar

Don’t bog me down

Before I can explore.

You might question

What I learn

When motivated by my yearn.

I might be different,

I might be odd,

But I’ve been down this road before.

Know I care,

Know I share

This passion to be me.

And for you, to be you!

My kids grew up on this album from Marlo Thomas and it continues to be so relevant even now.

Free To Be You And Me

Although no longer in the classroom, I still wonder, reflect and share. In our busy schedules how do we set aside time to think about how the day went? Have you found what works for you?


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