A Tweet, A Book, A Review

This is for the shy ones,

The introverts, ready to observe.

This for the gregarious ones,

The extroverts, eager to be heard.

This is for quiet ones,

The ones waiting for their turn.

This is for the noisy ones,

Too squirmy to be still.

This is for all of these who seek perfection,

When none is to be had.

And here is the door wide open,

Welcome one and all!

By pure happenstance I came across a conversation on Twitter about The Not Perfect Hat Club and sat mesmerized, reading the tweets. But, being me, I quickly joined in with questions and comments. I loved the idea of silly hats and posted pictures of me and my getups. image



Then I read blog posts from the #NOTPERFECTHATCLUB that @JenaiaMorane and @martysnowpaw founders of @CrittenKin . Adults shared heartfelt stories about feelings of being bullied, rejected, misunderstood and looking for perfection. My heart went out to them and to the stores that were shared about their students. And unfortunately this was all too familiar to me, from my own personal childhood stories,  as a well as that of  a parent and teacher. I was so excited to hear that a book was in the offing addressing these concerns, not for adults per se, but written for children! A book that children could identify with, in the characters of dogs and children facing their struggles. Then I felt I had to do more than just tweet and post pictures. I decided to support Jena and Marty in any way I could. I dedicated one of my Posts to them and joined their “club.”


I was so honored when Jena asked that I preview her book and I did:

imageMy review, her delightful graphic.

I write this post to share with all of you a book that be a wonderful addition in every school and classroom library.  Hope you get a chance to read it and explore it with your students.

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One Response to A Tweet, A Book, A Review

  1. Jena Ball says:

    An author can only hope for heartfelt reviews like this one. I am touched and deeply grateful that you took the time to read and really think about what we are teaching our kids when we insist that they are learn the same things the same way. The Not Perfect Hat Club is my answer to the dilemma I see us all facing. The world needs creative, outside the box thinkers who are not afraid to make mistakes, who know that trial and error is how life works and love the process as much as the rewards. I hope all your readers will get a copy, invite me to visit their classrooms and spread the word – Perfect is an illusion and each of us has something unique to contribute to the world. Thank you Faige for being so wonderfully and perfectly Not Perfect.

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