Weeping Willlow: With Heavy Heart


I look at life and wonder why

The good accepted without question

The bad defied.

I look at life and wonder what;

Happens next

What I control.

I look at life

With heavy heart

I face reality

And weep for what might have been.


In my neighborhood, this tree has been a source of wonder for many years. In the summer it is full and majestic and this past winter I realized how forlorn it looks without its beautiful branches. My summer branches are waning. An tribute to my sweet kind husband who is facing many health challenges.


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3 Responses to Weeping Willlow: With Heavy Heart

  1. Sharon says:

    Our principal retired this year. She left us with these words: Don’t cry because it’s over. Be happy that it happened.

  2. faige says:

    Life gives us many ups and down. My concern about my retirement and what happens next is on the back burner. My mind and heart concerned about my husband’s health.

  3. msdayvt says:

    Holding you and your husband in kind-hearted, tender thoughts and prayers.

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