The Children We Teach

I spent some of my Sunday morning reading blogs and tweets from people in my PLN and I remembered I had saved a draft on my blog that I wanted to pursue. I wrote, “Sometimes when we joke we hide the pain that can bury us and pull us under and I wonder about the “class clown, ” the attention seeker, the endless chatter box; what is hidden under their facade with these labels we put on them.” Life takes many twists and turns and some so unexpected that a reprise from the worry and anxiety helps pull us through; laughter and a positive outlook being a strong healer for me.  But we are the adults in this scenario and hopefully have acquired varied coping mechanisms to help us through. I come back to my kinders who face their own challenges, many not under their control. These little five year olds are faced with many jobs each day. They come into the classroom and need to manage their belongings, share toys and materials, clean-up, sit for morning meeting and the big “Ls” – Listen and Learn! As I said a big job for a five-year-old! Their FDK keeps them busy. My kinders have opportunities for unstructured and structured play, but the day also includes a very full, developed curriculum, as well as specialists. Some thrive on the routine and structure others seek release,  in what ever form meets their needs (as they learn to self-regulate).  Are these the children we hear about that are happy responding to negative or positive behavior, as long as they get the attention? Are these the children who find this is the only way they stand out, make an impact, if sports or academics don’t find them on top? Are these the children that are lost in their home life and find their way here at school with this behavior? Or are these the children, who are just that, children? Nonetheless these are the children we teach, the children in are care. Let’s think about listening to our children to learn about them.


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