Putting It Together 

I know I’m itching to write a post. But all over the place with what I want to share.  I was reading many tweets from my PLN and others at #iste2015 and was sad that I was #notatiste2015 but realized these two hashtags were going to connect me to some wonderful learning. And then I was lucky to see Pernille Ripp @pernilleripp ignite session on Periscope. Do you know how? I just tweeted and put it out there letting people know that I was not sure how to get on and Leka DeGroot @lekadegroot tweeted and helped me get connected so I could be part of this incredible ignite session. I WAS THERE! I tweeted comments and reveled in the collegial atmosphere.  Then Lisa Dabbs @teachingwithsoul quickly helped me connect so I could see @solidadobrien and her keynote speech. Once again there I was! My #globalclassroom, my global world fit on my iPad screen! The learning  continues as I read tweets and links. Then in my email feed came this post about connecting and Committing  and my mind was in a whirl. (Please take the time to read.) George Couros @gcouros writes great posts and I saw many references to this One on The Innovator’s Mindset. The connection between the two posts were palpable to me. Time to take the learning, make the connections and commit to change.

It’s a fascinating question and journey to make that change and commitment to our students. If not now, when? If not us, who?



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2 Responses to Putting It Together 

  1. proflisak says:

    I enjoyed your post. I had never heard of Periscope and I just had to check it out after reading your post. I too am #notatiste15. Question – did you have someone you knew recording on Periscope or did you just find someone online?

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