Kinder graduation and the last day of school is on June 10, 2015. It is slowly hitting me. Each day, each moment, each interaction is emotionally draining. I am Retiring I have not looked at my time with my kinders and school under the umbrella of “my last.” Denial has kept me going. It protects me from my worries and my fears about the uncharted territory in the new road I will be traveling. We have had a busy April and May from our Rainforest Unit to Open House/Art Fair and Grandparents’ Day.

IMG_5917    IMG_5931  IMG_5933

This week our school Olympics was a big success.

Through out this we taught reading, writing, math and social studies.

IMG_6045  IMG_6062
We work on kinders becoming more resilient as they take care of not only their social needs, but their academic ones as well. And we continue to stand by ready for the helping hand. We don’t desert the kinders, we empower them to strive, mostly as cooperative, collaborative  members of our class and community. We are building a strong commitment to the “we” in life.

My kinder partners: Roger and I have been together since 1991. Jenny a member of the kinder team for the past 15 years. And Rachel (for two years)  is also moving on to get her teaching credentials. 

My kinders know it’s almost over and they know and understand with such mature clarity that I am retiring. The hugs, pictures and conversations keep me going. 

IMG_5946  IMG_5947 IMG_5948

Winding down might be different for you. Can you share what it has been for you ending this year?

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