Do You Know Me?

This is not a post about me, per se, more about your kids’ teachers. After reading a post by @pernilleripp  What We Teachers Know and seeing tweets with the hashtag #WhatIWishMyTeacherKnew on Twitter, I couldn’t stop thinking about us, your children’s teachers. So a little about this teacher. Let me know if  you see some of you here? I come to school each morning with a smile on my face as I greet you and your child. Before that, I close the door  to my house and shelter my heart. I put on my teacher hat. How you see me, I don’t often know. At times you praise me as a warm loving teacher, at times you find me too demanding, asking too much of your child (my expectations are realistic, appropriate  and high IMHO). I come from an “I know you can” place, as I encourage your child to explore and learn. Your child looks to me for comfort, reassurance, to share a story, to fix their hurts and to give them space. And with all that, we learn to read, write, work on math and to be and become. From the first time you hand your child over to us we share in your child’s being and becoming. But I wonder, do you think about us, your child’s teacher; about our children, our families and our lives. Do you wonder how often we take our work home with us and I don’t mean just grading papers? We don’t expect that, but I just wonder. We might share personal anecdotal stories to make a point or help with a situation or problem. But most of us don’t often burden you with ours. We share when it occurs spontaneously and naturally in a conversation. We are professionals and we know how much is at stake.  We’re not martyrs, but, we’d just like you to understand. 

As teachers we support each other in so many ways. Opening up to personal stories in blogs or tweets comes easier to some than others. I don’t shy away from sharing, but find the time and place that meets my needs. My story is just that, my story.

Does this post resonate with you? Do you at times feel overwhelmed by all that is expected of you? 


 And this is just one of my many facets.  But I like it! 

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2 Responses to Do You Know Me?

  1. Wow, Faige…it’s like you looked into my heart and put it into your blog. In the past I haven’t shared much about myself with my students and parents. As you know, this has been a hard year, so by sharing a little of that, I hope that my school community is a little more empathetic.

    Best wishes in the weeks leading up to your retirement! You are such a blessing and I am sure that your school and your students will miss you.


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