Do They Know? 

It’s May and 5 1/2 weeks to go. Do my kinders know? They come into the classroom joyful, happy to be with their friends. Meeting their morning routine needs independently (most of them), they start their day. But the play is loud, the movement around the room a bit too energetic and settling down for group times, well I’ll let you surmise where I am heading. My kinders have grown and it is wonderful to see and hear them share their learning with each other and the teachers. With a wide range of skills and abilities in our room, we have seen change and growth in all of them. I think they know how much they’ve learned. They draw pictures for the teachers, share information and make connections from home to school, generalizing their learning. They had their first exposure to “bubble” tests and now are in the midst of creating the Amazon Rainforest in the room. Our rainforest unit leads itself to a more comprehensive #geniushour for our kinders.  We asked questions and brainstormed ideas.



They were surprised to learn about the indigenous people and the medicines and foods found in the rainforest . But my kinders, wide eyed with big hearts, made good connections to a place far from us and how we impact each other. This week’s homework assignment combined an ecological approach to our environment and helping preserve an acre of the rainforest.  Money earned will go to RAN The kinders put into practice energy saving ideas as they reused, reduced and recycled to help our communities.  IMG_5866

The energetic chatter about building bird feeders, turning off lights and water, recycling toys and bags showed how they are taking all this to heart. Thinking a nice way to raise “conscientious world citizens.” But there is a rumble in the air as they start to talk about summer and their plans. We combine our math and literacy learning as part of our Unit of Study on the Rainforest. It is very busy here in kindergarten as we get ready for our Open House/Art Fair evening and Grandparents/Grandfriends Day. The kids know. The excitement in the air is palpable. But we all have our jobs to do, don’t we? We rely on brain breaks and energizers more frequently as we become more creative with work spaces. My kinders have become coaches to their peers, with different strengths, they each have a roll to play. And then the expected “regressions” are here: anxious needing to know what to expect kinders, the incessant squabbles/tattling kinders and the super rule follower kinders. The kids know. It’s almost time.

What does your room look like this time of year? How do you help your students with some of their concerns and behavior this time of year?

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1 Response to Do They Know? 

  1. adunsiger says:

    Great questions and a very thoughtful post, Faige! I try to keep regular routines as long as possible, and whenever possible, prepare my students for changes in routine. Like you mentioned, brain breaks also help a lot. Have you read Stuart Shanker’s Calm, Alert, and Learning? I think about his ideas a lot at this time of the year. I wonder if teachers need this self-regulation as much as the students.


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