Reflections: Time Is Fleeting

I’m thinking about the next few weeks and it dawns on me that I have so little time left with my kinders. I am so proud of them and enjoy them with all my heart. Don’t get me wrong, some days can really be tough and I wonder what they or I have learned along this road. Then I take a deep breath and realize those that have needed extra support are getting it, those that need a little more time for whatever they need, are getting it and those that are soaring, are getting it: the room to try their wings.  This is what progress looks like in kindergarten. Movement of mind and body, intertwined, one supporting the other. Friday was a wonderful day. After a morning of Daily 5 rotation in our literacy block of time, the afternoon belonged to our kinders. We have started a new unit of study about the Amazon Rainforest and our kinders are so excited about turning our room into the “rainforest.” It’s been a busy week learning about the animals and the layers of the rainforest. We designed a Responsive Classroom energizer (did I tell you I’m a quick study so this from a RC Professional Development day after Spring Break), using our bodies and the rainforest layers! Each day the kinders bring in a book or share a discovery about the rainforest. We are BIG at making connections. Now back to the afternoon. It was time for them to explore apps on the iPad and computer, drawing materials, build, chit chat in the library area, read books or play board games. Self-motivated kinders, resolving conflicts, needing little guidance on how to use the materials, cooperative and collaborative as they engaged in activities of their choice. When it was time for P.E. one of my boys came over with a great smile on his face sharing what he had done during this time. Thinking that reflections are ingrained in my kinders. Not bad! He looked up at me, threw himself at me and gave me a tremendous hug! Thinking this saying good bye is going to be tougher than I could ever have imagined.

Curious how saying good bye at the end of the year impacts you, even knowing that you are returning? How is it different when you change grades? 

Ramps and draw bridges, where will they lead us?


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