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A kinder shows her learning with tallies.







We have many ways of keeping track of our daily events in our kinder classroom from our birthday train to our learning trail to morning meeting and calendar activities with a big lead in to our 100th day of school. Last year we decided that our Innovation  Center  was where this learning was to take place. This year we had a practice session on what 100 things looks like and what we can create with 100 objects. Then it was the count down and our kinders brought in their stuff. Some were happy to put their objects in groups of 10 into cups , bundles and containers. Others were more interested in creating and innovating. Now how is this  #geniushour you might ask? In their daily calendar lessons, from 10 Frames to tallies to straws in the cup, to the number line and the number chart they learned! The kinders applied what they knew from the daily calendar to create an abacus, to connect paper clips in rows 10 by 10, to Lego structures, to golf balls in egg cartons and brads and nails to represent 100. The kinders eagerly shared their learning and what they made to our school community at their 100th Day Museum. The excitement and interest was palpable (as was the joyful noise in the room). In recent weeks I have read tweets and blog posts about the usefulness of calendar and celebrating the 100th day of school. This week I have been looking at my kinders math work and what the are learning. From my discussions with the kinders as they explained the math connections  and their understanding and learning, I know calendar serves a purpose.

Have you found calendar purposeful for you students and have you incorporated itin your 100th day of school?




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5 Responses to GENIUSHOUR AND OUR 100th Day OF SCHOOL

  1. adunsiger says:

    Faige, can you explain a bit more about how your calendar routine works? What purpose do you see it serving? How do you get students “thinking” as part of calendar? I’d love to know more. Glad to hear that these days were successes.


  2. faige says:

    We start the day with a morning message that sets out the plans for the day in broad terms. We’ve added a Shared Pen component where Ks use “best try spelling” to tell about days events. then the calendar with number line number chart: what comes after/before. Turn over numbers to identify missing number. Count by 2s 5s and 10s. Establish the date with Tally. and 10 Frame keeps track of how many days at school. Kinders participate and help each other when stumped. Read numerals and now will start writing equations after working on number bonds. Also part of calendar to reinforce numeracy. Hope this let’s you know more.

    • adunsiger says:

      Thanks Faige! I was just wondering if the students ever use the calendar as they might use a real calendar: to “measure” the passage of time & keep track of dates. Could this work in your classroom? I’d love to know if you’ve ever tried something like this.


  3. faige says:

    Not consistently and something to consider I am sure! We do however have a Learning Trial which keeps track of our learning each month. I post pic collages and pictures of the kinders’ work and they make drawings of their learning. I will put a Pic Collage on Twitter to show this years in progress. Something I learned from @clippodcast and her book Negotiating Critical Literacies With Young Children.

    • adunsiger says:

      I love this idea, Faige! I almost wonder if these PicCollages could be used by students to go back over the month, and look at the events that happened on different days. Maybe then, they could see the calendar as also a way to keep track of key events and the passage of time.

      Thanks for the great discussion!

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