IMG_5536Funny how posts have their own lives. Sometimes the one planned is not necessarily the one written.  After reading so many tweets about the 100th Day of school, the whys and what fors, to do or not to do, I had wanted to weigh in how it looks at my school and with my kinders. I thought I would write how we have connected it to #geniushour opportunities in our Innovation Center and the interface to our morning calendar activities. However, in a school that recognizes and celebrates diversity, the month of February leads to parent participation in sharing family heritages. So Valentine’s Day came and we partied. The Lunar New Year appeared in February and we had a busy few days reading, learning and celebrating. President’s Day led to the links between Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Civil Rights. Then Black History reminded us where we were, where we are and and where we go from here. Kinders learned about the remarkable contributions of African Americans to our country from inventors to poets to authors to sports figures to pilots and to Ruby Bridges who stood alone in her school ready to get the education that was legally and rightfully hers to have. 



So I leave #geniushour and the Underground Railroad to another post. And back to here. Hopefully these Pic Collages will help you see the questions and learning taking place in our busy month of February: integrating reading, writing, math and Social Studies; a full picture of learning.



 IMG_5451 IMG_5499    

And when it’s time for a ‘brain break’ we are ready with the #kinderchat Symbaloo mixes thanks to @mattBgomez  IMG_5426How do you include diverse cultural heritages in your curriculum?


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