Genius Hour As A Mindset

Full Disclosure: Genius Hour is one of the best ideas that I have embraced not only for my kindergarten students, but for myself as well. I look at success in genius hour in the framework of creating ideas, working collaboratively and thinking of others. I look at teaching and learning through the lens of think, do, fail, think , do and try again. Iteration at its ideal!


I hope to write a post about our kinders’ collaborative work with their 3rd Grade Water Buddies as they tackle the issue of water conservation. Here geniushour extends over a period of time. The reward of working with this mixed age group is multifold.

Geniushour in my class is a big chunk of time when we build and think of what we can do for ourselves and others. MLK Day reminded us of that.


Geniushour in my class is listening to a read aloud and kinders sharing their thoughts and ideas through discussions.IMG_5275

Geniushour in my class is welcoming a visitor and showing them around: taking them under their wings. Geniushour in my class is the art table during open choice time and making crowns, books, fans and planes. Helping and showing friends how to make stuff. Geniushour in my class is the excitement of a checkers game as more and more kinders learn how to play. Geniushour in my class is outside time as they run, climb and dig in the sand finding treasures and pipes and then relying on their imagination to soar where they need to go.

Geniushour in my class is a mindset that says, “I can try. I can do it. I have a voice. I have a choice.”  Geniushour in my class is not only for my kinders, but for me, and I hope for you as well. Geniushour for me is a #growthmindset.

How do you approach the idea of #geniushour with your students? Does the sage on the stage hold you back from trying?

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2 Responses to Genius Hour As A Mindset

  1. Debby Call says:

    This is truly a inspirational read. I have been very interested in integrating Genius Hour within my 1st grade classroom, however wasn’t sure how to begin. You have inspired me to give it a go, as I see the many benefits it has provided your students. Thank you for the inspiration!

    • faige says:

      It’s so great that you want to introduce #geniushour to your 1st graders. How lucky they are to have a teacher who wants to give her students voice and choice. Good luck!

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