It Can Be Up To Us

I have been thinking about my friends at The Not Perfect Hat Club club
and their mission to raise awareness, and our responsibility, as educators to create an environment that includes all learners.
We all have had children whose differences were challenging, some more so than others; but no one is perfect. Hearing children feel and say negative comments about their abilities, looks or however they put themselves down, is a call to action for all of us. We talk about “room at the table” that is inclusive, kind and hopefully filled with wonder and joy. Learning to let go of “perfect” is empowering; making room for mistakes that do not become labeled as failures. If you want to learn more about this group you can follow @JenaiaMorane Jena Ball @martysnowpaw Marty Keltz @klippert Karin Lippert
How do you make a difference?




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