One Little Word: Maybe Not So Little

I wasn’t planning to write another post before heading back to school on Monday, but then I kept reading blogs and tweets about #oneword for the year 2015. I have tweeted my word in past years but have never written a post why I chose the word I did. I have read  @KLirenman and her word Joy, @bluskyz and her word Now, @TiaHenriksen and her word Relationships and @avivaloca and her word Uncomfortable. Their great reflections had me stop and think what word I would choose for 2015. And Fortitude came to mind for many reasons. So this year’s posts have inspired me to share why I chose FORTITUDE for my 2015 word. I know it’s a strong word and have had comments (tweets to that effect). I Googled and found these references



So I reflect upon why Fortitude and how it applies to me, my work and my kinders. I see fortitude in line with resilience, overcoming obstacles/adversity, perseverance, stepping away from naysayers, courage, backbone and gumption. As an adult I understand what it is I have to do to maintain fortitude to have the courage of my convictions and to live by them. Not easy and not always successful but I accept ownership of my decisions. Now how to instill this in my kinders. How to give them the opportunity to explore their world, to accept responsibility, to build stamina, to resist the “pack” mentality, to build strong relationships, to make mistakes and to be happy with who they are. Who would have thought how much fortitude implies? And the small stepping stones is where we all begin on the road we travel. Do you see me here? Do you see my work here? Do you see my kinders here? Whatever is not here YET is the #growthmindset for me and my kinders. Here in Carol Dweck’s TedTalk talk She discusses The Power of Yet and this graphic from #satchatwc @BethHouf and @posickj that inspired the idea of Fortitude as well.


I am excited to look at my work in the framework of Fortitude, the decisions I make and where they may take me. Have you decided on your #oneword” for 2015?

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8 Responses to One Little Word: Maybe Not So Little

  1. Joy Kirr says:

    Beautiful! We need fortitude when things are rough! My word is still “gratitude.” I’m sticking with this one for another year, as it has served me well. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Faige!

  2. Melva Herman says:

    Such a powerful and empowering word for you and your kinders.

  3. faige says:

    Yes strength to carry on.

  4. Ann O says:

    Love your word and your post and one that could easy work for me. The word I keep coming back to is balance…..not positive that is my word but it keeps reappearing… All the best to you in 2015,.

  5. Faige, fortitude is a powerful word that is akin to grit and determination but with a strength of character that is exhibited when the going gets tough. I applaud your FORTITUDE to try and have your Kinders own their individuality and learning. This word will move you forward each day and give your the special strength to look ahead to the power of YET.

    • faige says:

      Thank you for taking your time to comment. Yes through life’s journey one comes across the unexpected road blocks. Fortitude and the strength of one’s convictions holds them steadfast. I want my kinders to know they have a voice and choice along their paths. Would like that really for everyone. Power of YET the best positive inner voice.

  6. Arch2tch says:

    Looking forward to more of your wisdom throughout the year. Hoping it will help my fortitude. Some days I need the fort and perhaps wagons circling. Most days Ss share their fortitude and I go back in another day.

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