In Gratitude

A quick post, a thought, a reflection on gratitude. We asked the kinders yesterday, before going off for Thanksgiving Holiday, what they were grateful for. I thought I would start by sharing something special in my heart. I told them I was grateful that I would be able to visit my grandkids and my family would all be together. Their voices were as sweet, thoughtful and kind as one could imagine; beyond their years! The comments ranged from spending time with their families (either in the city or traveling to other parts of the country), to being grateful for their parents, their brother/sister, for their friends, for their teachers, for their school. They talked about being grateful for the earth (a definite contribution to gratitude because of books we read).



Then Roger and Jenny shared that they were grateful for teaching kindergarten and our wonderful school community. They too shared how grateful they are for family and friends. A teachable moment, a mini lesson before a Daily 5 rotation. Helping us all learn that kindness/mindfulness/gratitude are more than just words.

As I reflect on this, having spent a wonderful day with my grandkids at their school for Grandparents and Special Friend’s Day, I am aware of the turmoil in our country on decisions that perplex many of us. Life is often unkind and unjust, feelings of gratitude when we can have times of joy, are not to be taken lightly. I thought I would share with you part of my grandkids’ program. As some of the children sang, all classes stood around the school holding a gigantic paper chain they made connecting the links to each other. Then when we visited the classrooms we made our links to add to this chain: from generation to generation.



I end this post with a Thanksgiving gift to you from Louie Schwartzberg “In Gratitude”. Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving. It is in each of us to be better and do

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