#Kinderblog14 Week4: A Place I Call Home

I just noticed this was up in the #Kinderchat Connected Educators Blogging Challenge and thought I might write a quick post. I often joke that the first five years of my life I was a “wandering Jew” reference to the plant, not the people.


Laughing I would easily share that I was born in Berlin, Germany. Then my family moved to Paris. France, back to Ulm, Germany, off to Israel and when I was five years old to Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Hence the “wandering Jew.” We lived there till I was seventeen and then in November 1964 we moved to Los Angeles, California, USA. And here I live; basically in the same neighborhood and in the same house since 1969. My son and daughter were raised here and this is where my grandkids call there second home when they come and visit us. Over the years I have been lucky to travel to many places and seen incredible sights, but always happy to return home. What I want to share is my home away from home. Another place I call home: my classroom, my school community. I have worked in the same place since 1977. This will astound some, and when I look back I am not surprised or amazed, but grateful and happy. I have seen many changes in my time here. The campus has grown, more buildings, new state of the art Library and Innovation Center. We have a wonderful Professional Development program that has allowed me to travel and participate in incredible conferences. Early Childhood (Toddler, Three and Four Year Old Programs), Lower Elementary Division (K to 3rd) Upper Elementary Division (4th – 6th) Heads and the Head Of School. Many titles, many responsibilities. Business, Development and Admissions Offices. We are a very busy community. PTA, Community Service and Service Learning. We reach out building a connection and foundation that promotes our core values: Responsibility, Honesty, Inclusion and Caring. I have spent so much of my adult life here in this place, I also call home. My children often visited when they were not at school (they went to a Jewish Day School) and now when my grandkids visit, one of their stops is my school! I get up each morning, ready for my work day to begin knowing that I will engage with many wonderful colleagues, parents and children. The hugs and greeting from former students are never taken for granted, but appreciated and returned. My heart sings with happiness. People often say home is where the heart is. They’re right. This is one of them.


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