#Kinderchat Connected Educators Blogging Challenge Week 2: I AM A READER

Some where along the line I missed Week 1; probably because I have written a few snippets here and there about me. Although I am a person, in my own right, other than a teacher, it wasn’t where I wanted to go. But this topic ME AS A READER is just up my alley. From early childhood I have always relished stories told to me by my family and family friends. I was a precocious child and loved being the center of attention as the adults shared tidbits of my upbringing; the first five years of my life wandering from country to country till we settled in Montreal. These adults read newspapers, books and prayer books to me. Answering questions and helping me make connections (remember I said I was precocious, speaking many language at that time). I saw them read and was eager to try. My first friend in Montreal, was a year older, already in kindergarten, and boy was I envious; she did read, wonderful Dick and Jane primers. And my passion for reading began.


I read fiction, non fiction, magazines and newspapers. I loved geography, language arts, work that involved WORDS. Early on on I knew this was a strength (won’t touch the other, right now). And I wrote! And I read to escape! Life threw me some curves along the way and my coping mechanism was reading (and in turn writing). High school introduced me to the classics, Charles Dickens, Victor Hugo, Doystoevsky, Tolstoy (you get the picture). The pain and sorrow as told in these books helped me deal and work through some of my heartache. I escaped from my reality for short periods of time. There were many joyous, reassuring books from Little Women to The Borrowers to A Tree Grows In Brooklyn. My choices were eclectic! And this love of books continues to this day! I read newspapers, magazines, educational books (did I mention I loved college because I read and learned through a plethora of text).
And now thanks to my wonderful PLN like @CarrieGelson #10for10pb and others, who share with me their love of books, I have found MS and YA books from The One and Only Ivan (Margaret Applegate), to Wonder (RJ Palacio) to The Fault In Our Stars (John Green). I still read adult books and have just read The Goldfinch (Donna Tartt). I read on my Kindle app, I read PDFs in iBooks and I read to my kinders work. I am a reader and I am a writer. I am a connected educator who has found another place to share my love of books.


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