How Is The Year Going, You Might Ask?

I read Each Kindness by Jacqueline Woodson today. My kinders just needed help slowing down and taking responsibility for their actions and behaviors. We learn from “Maya” that sometimes the words spoken can never be taken back, and words not spoke can never be said. So the reading and math trajectory is all set and the kinders are ready to go. But we need to slow down and look at the bigger picture for awhile.

At the gate ready to go.
Whoa they say, take it slow.
I look around
Huff and puff,
You can’t stop me,
I had enough.
Wait says the mother,
What’s up says the dad?
When I give them a frown.
At the gate ready to go.
I let them know who I am.
I am the mother,
I am the dad,
I am the one who has my back.
At the gate ready to go.
I know some days are just like that.
I am the teacher
I am the friend.
I know some days just never end.
At the gate ready to go.
Tomorrow will be better,
This I know.
My kinders have energy, they have have strengths.
Some not at ease learning to navigate their world,
That is not a breeze.
My kinders are friends, my kinders are kind,
But some struggle for a time.
They want to be there, they care.
My role is to help them get there.


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