We Play and We Learn

I have had many thoughts about play and its importance in learning. Many blogs, articles and discussions continue to draw me into the relevance of this topic. With so much emphasis on getting children ready (ready for what you may ask), on testing and accountability my head is on overload and realize the role of the teacher is of utmost importance in stemming the tide.  So I continue doing what I know is developmentally appropriate for kindergarten and within the purview of my commitment to the institution that employs me.  We are not a play based kindergarten program, but play is integrated in our learning. We play math, we play reading, we play writing and we play with our friends. Having said all that play is an integral part of our kindergarten day. As Froebel said, Play is the work of children. work

Over time this had been shared by many educators and in different ways.



My kinders have been exploring patterns. They make kinesthetic patterns with their body, use pattern blocks and many other materials that lend themselves to this activity. We play and we learn.


Our school year is up and running: figuratively and literally (I love when I can say that!) I enjoy sharing my learning and teaching and therefore I blog. I would love to hear how the beginning of your year is going.

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